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Definitely a good deal.

Anyone else out there got the latest issue of RIDE mag? It's in there, page 17.

If, like me, you haven't got hard luggage & would prefer soft, but have trouble with the issue of the rear pipes, check this out.

I'd been searching for ages, and apart from having to import from the States was looking at B-Bags, who's UK importer is Motrax;

They even have piccy of it on a Dakar.

Anyway, looks a good bit of kit, but the price!!!!!! ?199 :shock: Clacking Bell! ?50 more and you get a set of BMW panniers!

Anyway. Not suprisingly, they've found that they aren't selling well, if at all, in the UK, due mainly to the horrendous price.

So, they've sold their entire stock of B-Bags to Sound Distribution.............. who are banging them out for ?99 plus ?4 postage............. :thumb:

They were mentioned in last weeks MCN and sold about 100 that day. They have 60 left.................

No, I don't work for them. But if you've been searching for a solution for ages like I have, I thought you might appreciate this link :cheers:



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chiefkeefe said:
It has a strange shape but 100 litres capacity can't be sniffed at!
Except when you've been camping for a week in the rain and it's full of damp camping gear and smelly trainers :dance:

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Don't think I'll ever need the full 100litres capacity and the "rolled" down version shown on the Dakar on the Motrax website looks kinda cool.

I'd probably put an ortlieb inside it to carry anything wet/dirty etc.

What I do like is the ability to remove the top bag easily (I had a nightmare taking my Oxford bag off on the ferry down to Morocco - bungies pinging everywhere) & just use the panniers.

I'll let ya know when mine arrives - tommorrow!

Now, where's me chum wif the digital camera :D
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