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I've been working on converting the front end of my bike to WP forks etc but otherwise running the 21 inch front wheel.

As part of this project I acquired some 48mm WP forks and yoke off a KTM 640 LC4 supermoto.

However, they are not going to fit the way I want them to, but they may work very well for anyone who wants to convert to a supermoto set up.

I have modified the steering stem such that they will take the BMW SHBs and seem to be a perfect fit for the exisitng forks.

However, if you were to use them you would need to get a KTM hub which takes a 26mm spindle. I have one (brand new), but am probably going to change it for a different type of hub if I can locate some different forks. You might be able to pick up a wheel straight from ebay etc with the right hub.

The problem I ran into was the location of the brake. I was going to swap over onto a KTM brake caliper, but they hang too low for a 21 inch wheel and although we could make up some sort of bracket etc, we are going to try and find different forks with a different caliper mounting on the bottom. ideally a set of 650 Adventurer or 950 Adventurere forks should do the trick...but hard too find.

Anyway, before I do anything further with these forks I thought I'd check whether anyone was thinking about doing a supermoto conversion because I think these would work very well. Photos etc can be provided if anyone is interested.

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