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Hi all,

I'm taking my F650CS down to my villa in the Northern Costa Blanca next week and have booked to use Brittany Ferries Plymouth - Santander fast ferry. I've checked both the RAC on-line route planner and the AA version for the best route from the ferry port down to my final destination in the Javea/Calpe/Altea area but both come up with different routes. Anyone got any ideas on which way is best? I'm trying to get there as quickly as possible but would like to enjoy the ride too. The RAC advise heading due south to Madrid and then across to Valencia to pick up the Autovia de Mediterraneo whereas the AA advise heading east first towards Bilbao and the down towards Valencia from there. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Via Bilbao. It more staight forward and more scenic. Watch out for the driving in Northern Spain. It's piss poor. Why don't you take your time with the journey and do it in two halfs. Twelve hours on a CS will be pretty tuff going. Enjoy the trip.
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