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I'm looking for some guidance with an issue on my 2005 F650 GS twin spark.
just carried out some maintenance over las few days including replacement of steering head bearings and replacement of fork oil seals, and air filter, repaired heated grips and just need to fit new rubber grips now having removed old worn out ones.
After reassembly, bike starts with no problem, but the rev-counter gives totally wrong readings, if throttle is opened (whilst on centre stand) the needle will rise but not fall back to tickover speed, if the throttle is gently repeatedly opened the needle just keeps rising to show higher and higher rpm even when engine speed returns to tickover.
When ignition is switched off needle will not return to zero, unless I disconnect battery negative lead, and then just repeatedly keep touching battery pole with negative lead, and eventually needle gets back to zero.
When battery is re-connected, lots of "clicking noises" come from inside instrument housing area, re-start motor without any problem, but same issue with rev-counter needle, switch engine off and there is a "ticking noise" to be heard from inside instrument panel for 20-30 seconds? not sure if this is normal.
Battery is new and fully charged, connections good and clean.
Any useful information would be much appreciated, I have looked at quite a few web pages/blogs etc some of which are very confusing and don't seem to address the problem methodically from the novice DiY angle.
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