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Copied from another website. ~ Give Something Back ~ Trail Rides for the Mentally Handicapped at Cwmcarn Scenic Drive on Sat 21st June 2003 at 13:00 hrs. Free Burgers /squash to all who help. Sensible riders only. Rear footrest of some sort and spare lids needed. This year we are expecting 80-100 kids from the Rhondda Gateway club, the Bargoed Gateway club and quite probably the newly formed Risca Gateway club. If you don't have a suitable machine you can always help with mounting/dismounting, fitting lids etc. For more info: Contact Mike Rees email [email protected] or telephone (01495 222728).

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Give Something Back- the report
What a truly amazing event ..... we ought to organise more of these kind of events around the UK. It ran smoothly and simply ... Forestry Commission permission to use their land. ACU licence for insurance cover. The rest was fun riding on Trails which are normally not available for 'public' use. :-D

Around 30 bikes turned up, mostly off-roaders, but some 'pure' road-bikes too. The road bikes took the passengers on a smooth, but twisty route through the forest, while those with some off-road capability rode the 'fire-roads'. Around 70 mentally and physically handicapped people turned up in three mini-buses. We took along spare helmets for our pillions and the helpers sorted out the fitting of the helmets. The passengers in some cases need to be helped onto the pillion seats and told to 'hold on tight'. I had a top-box on my bike so my passengers were securely held in place :boots:

We pottered around the marked trails, mostly in second gear, so we could chat to our passengers about whether it was too bumpy, if they felt secure, the views, the music they liked, their friends or whatever ... and sometimes they were saying "faster !! faster !!" and even singing on occasions :dance:

For those who didn't want to be a pillion, Mike Rees had thoughtfully organised a quad towing a trailer with a four-seater settee on board. Were those guys/gals happy. There was also a couple of bikes with sidecars available too. The passengers were continually queuing for multiple trips and counting on their fingers how many rides they'd had. There was also a barbecue laid on with free food and drinks for all participants. :riding:

There was one other F650 there ridden in by none other than 'Yoshi Adams' (ace championship winning enduro rider) which belonged to his partner Sarah, (following along in the car with dogs). I took some photos of her with the bike and they will appear in the 'Owners' pages in a week or so.

Fantastic day ... I'm still smiling :big grin: from seeing those looks of delight on the passengers faces. Some pics below ...


Three of the contented passengers. Happiness is five rides around the forest, with a juicy burger between each ride.<hr>

The easy way to do it ... and some with helmets ... just in case.<hr>

C'mon ... Give it some stick mister !! I wanna go faster !!<hr>

Non-stop barbecue from beginnining to end.</center>
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