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[h=2]for a New Platform Update[/h]
Dear Community Members,

"Over the past few years we have been working to improve the technology, user interface, and site performance on this platform. We’ve worked to develop a new, faster site that performs well across all devices, allows easily sharing knowledge on a secure platform, and makes finding . . . . "

This is is a guarded welcome to us members here, is this really from or a posting from potential hi jacker of what was a very useful, friendly bike site?
We seem to have had no response or action to any of our concerns expressed to Admin over spam postings, auto bots etc over many months.
Forgive my cynicism, but having been involved with Internet since its inception and many years working with the major hoster/processor of consumer and commercial financial information, closely working with Home office, Fraud Squads ( as was) Govt Export dept and the worlds major credit insurers, aware that not everything is always what it seems . . . . . .​
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