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For a '94, that bike really looks like new, man.
I recently acquired a 97 and just like yourself, I instantly fell in love with it. That "old thumper" that kicks a** when you twist that hrottle,
the looks, the seating position... it's just an amazing bike. After riding bikes for 30 odd years and having had many different types of machines, I was like "where have you been all these years ?"
It's a great motor and it just lets you know when it is time to shift up , and more importantly when to shift down as it begins to protest when you "gas it" :)

Enjoy that beauty, and take good care of it. As a co-worker of mine once said : "white is a fast colour" :) And it looks really good in white.

Try doing a few subsequent oil changes about 100-150 miles apart with the proper oil and I hope that helps sort out the problem.

Good luck and RIDE SAFELY

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