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I recently picked up this 1994 Funduro- I really like it! it's really fun to ride and the thump from the single cyclinder is really addictive.

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I have a couple of issues: the clutch is slipping at the moment, it's at its worse when accelerating hard up through the gearbox. After a little while of motorway cruising without using the clutch it seems a bit better and doesn't slip when, for example, accelerating hard in 4th. Since it's worse after lots of shifting, it makes me think that it's maybe when the plates separate and get covered in oil that it's worse. That makes me wonder if an oil change would help? Wishful thinking perhaps.

If it does come to needing a new clutch, I notice that a lot of the kits have uprated springs which I'm not too keen on. Can anyone recommend a decent and cheap kit?

Finally, I have read about the front sprocket and the design of the circlip, hence I have ordered a new circlip with my oil change bits from Motorworks. How does this sprocket seem? Too much wear on the splines to be comfortable?

I assume you've already checked for proper free play in clutch cable.! Someone may have put a full synthetic oil in there causing an issue with your clutch. A couple oil changes with regular dino oil might solve it.
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