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[FONT=Comic Sans MS, sans-serif]Hello @ all !
We are members of a motorcycle forum in the northern Germany. We live in a small mountain range called "Harz". This small mountain range with magnificent roads and great attractions. These streets and sights we'd like to show other motorcycle riders. If you are interested please look here:

>>>> <<<<

Hello friends and resin motorcycle enthusiasts from near and far!

You are planning a motorcycle tour through the Harz Mountains and knows you or not you want time to get to know the inside lines?

Then you are exactly right!

We know the routes that one otherwise does not know "and we can show you the sights that you otherwise would not see them.

There are some in this forum have expressed their willingness to show other motorcycle friends informally to the resin and have positioned themselves as tour guides available.

They know for sure the most beautiful corners of our mountainous region. If you are interested in an insider motorcycle tour through the Harz Mountains, contact us via email ([email protected]).

Give us what you like with, it should start when you tour and how the tour group. Even a rough idea would be helpful, how long should be the day's stage.

You tell us your e-mail with address and phone number.

We will then contact you in connection so that the details can be clarified.

We wish to clarify once again at this point that we do not perform commercial resin leadership.

We will be frank with you, just as it is common among motorcycle friends meet. Our tour guide will take you a tour. It is obvious that, are you going to tour independently.

Our tour guide will ensure that you will experience an unforgettable day in the Harz Mountains.

We look forward to your request

The tour guide team MfHarz
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bye bye and see you in the Harz in Summer 2010 :howdy:

jollyjo or boomer1964
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