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Hello there, thank you for having me in this invaluable forum,

I have just bought a glorious F650 from 1997!
It was a bargain - 375EUR, 55000kms.
It's slightly broken, the second gear doesn't engage properly if you're riding less than 40km/h. Very strange, I am suspecting the 2nd gear selector fork is bent, or worn...

It's very exciting taking the whole moto apart and fixing it. Going with the spirit of the buy I want to do it on the cheap. I want to replace all the gaskets when I put the engine back together. The factory ones are quite expensive. Considering it should be quite easy to cut out your own paper gaskets out of the gasket paper.

I have two questions.
1. Is there any big problems with cutting my own gaskets, especially the big ones, like the center gasket for between the engine cases.
2. What is the thickness of the paper I should buy? I don't know how to find the thickness of the factory gaskets.

PS. I cannot measure the original gasket since I haven't taken the bike apart yet, and want to order it before I begin work.
I have the Haynes manual, it doesn't specify that.
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