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Hi all!

Last weekend I tried to put in a collectorpipe gasket for my funduro (the shop gave me the wrong one 馃檭) but I noticed there was no head->exhaust gasket installed either. (Did however not appear to leak) I currently have the correct gaskets so going to try again this evening.

looking at the stud length im not sure an exhaust gasket would fit in there, the original one is 5mm high.
I also bought a copper exhaust ring with 28 ID, 34OD and a height of 2,5mm. Would that work? (I think the 34OD will be squashed to 35 with a bit of luck)

(the studs are in good shape and the nuts came loose easy, however the nut was size 12 instead of 13, so a bit sus)

will include link to copper gasket and photo of head. (Also i followed and read the full FAQ)

Gasket : Exhaust gasket Kreidler 28MM

photo of head (with no gasket, i swear XD)
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Update: the studs are not original and to short for an original gasket. The copper ring seems to work, did a smoke and a soapy water check.
Will make a 4k km trip to the alps next week so i will see if it holds up.

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Sounds like you got it working , well done. The last gaskets I got were very soft aluminium and some composite material, they squash really easily. It is always good to make sure that there are no squashed old gaskets there before replacing them. They can squash very flat and hide. I use a little gasket cement on mine just to hold them in place when putting it all together. The previous owner may have had the gaskets fall out while they tried to install the headers, or not realised that it needed them.
Here are the sizes of gaskets that I have used and bought.
Gasket rings for head to header
Internal diameter 29mm
External diameter 35.8mm
5.5 mm thickness

Sleeve for header to pipe

Internal diameter 30mm

External Diameter 35mm

length 20mm

Header to Muffler

42mm ID 47mm OD 30 mm long
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