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Hi All
I couldn’t find an appropriate section on this website to convey my thoughts but roughly how many 650 Funduro and ST’s are registered and out on our roads .
I have a 1999 ST which I’ve converted to a Funduro .
I paid good money for it as it had a genuine 1004 mls .
But can I get any coolant pipes NO .
Surely companies like Motorworks should be looking at this and investing in getting silicon pipes made up as I’m sure every Funduro or ST out there must be crying out for replacements .
If that’s the case can the forum contact these people to show there is demand .
The only alternative is buying odd bends and connectors to hash something up .
I think there a great bike and we should as a group fight to keep them on the road .
There are a lot of pretty new bikes out there but there absolutely rubbish .
Look forward to any response guys .
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