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Brandnew to this forum but i hope i can ask a question on my 2011 G650GS.

I just got my G650GS last weekend, rides great btw, but wanted to get heated grips on them since i dont plan to stop riding in the winter. I got online an offer for the original G650GS OEM left and right grips as well as the button to mount on the dash.

Now my question is, as i was used to previously as well, do I need any other parts to complete this set? I have been searching on the net for quite some time but nothing to be found besides the three parts I allready have. So does that mean no controllbox of anysorts and then do the both grips and the button just plug into the wire harness like that ?

I sure hope someone can shed some light on this and many many thanks upfront.

Regards and greetings,
Leo de Blaauw
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