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I'm looking to sell my 2004 Dakar as I'm looking for a change and thought it would be better listed here than ebay or gumtree.
I Bought the bike in June 2020 and since owning it I have: - had 2 new tyres fitted( Continental trail attack 3, both have done less than 500 miles. Old back tyre was advisory for last MOT), fitted a new exhaust - dominator. (I still have the old exhaust but would need welding in between baffle and exhaust), new brake pads front and rear(again less than 500 miles), I have also recently had the water pump rebuilt and as far as I'm led to believe this is one of the only major issues with these bikes.
There are a couple of bad points to the bike which I will list.
The front mudguard has been scratched from where I dropped the bike attempting some creative off-roading! it never really bothered me as it was only cosmetic and is covered with stickers ATM. There is a tear in the seat. I could get this repaired/re-covered if necessary just never got round to it. The frame of the bike has some corrosion. I was planning to sort this if I was keeping the bike but I've decided to go for something else(which I might regret later). None of this was flagged on the MOT(August) it's just things I thought I'd mention. Also one of the bulbs on the auxiliary lights recently went. These are just cheap units from Motorworks that were on the bike when I bought it. again these can be replaced if need be as the bulbs/light is all one unit.
The ODO says 8000 odd miles however I think the clock may have been changed(not by me). The mileage is based on the MOT history which I have just added up.
The only issue I've really had since owning the bike has been the water pump, which has been repaired. I have also tried to be as honest as possible with the listing however if there are any questions I'd be happy to answer them if I can.

I'm also not in any rush to sell the bike as I won't be getting something else until Spring so I may get some of the aesthetic repairs done if I get some time and can be bothered.

bike is located in Glasgow

Looking for £2600 ONO - as mentioned previously I'm not in a rush to sell to silly offers will be ignored.

Thanks for looking

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