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Hi Los, like Anthony says the head gasket can be done in the frame. Undo the front engine bolts to allow the motor to tilt forward, this should give you enough room to work.
As far as other gaskets go, you will need to change the exhaust gaskets. The tappet cover gasket is rubber and with luck it will be fine to re use. Check the inlet manifold for any signs of cracks and replace the O rings on the inlet side.
I have not had to pull the engine apart on my bike, only done the tappets and lots of cosmetic stuff.
Rebuilt many of my other bike motors, and most of my car engines and friends engines too.
So I don't have much experience on the GS motor but I am sure others here will help out when they can.
Try the stop leak and see how it goes.
Make sure that when you do the head, you check carefully for damage where the gasket is leaking. Hopefully you will not have to have the head resurfaced.
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