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Final Fantasy XIV is arguably the most popular MMORPG in the entire world right now. It’s been stealing World Of Warcraft players for years now and for good reason. Shadowbringers was critically acclaimed, also for good reason. Now a new expansion is coming, Endwalker, and it looks just as good. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker arrives this November and it looks AMAZING!

Square Enix's next major MMORPG expansion was officially announced during Digital Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest. Along with a new storyline, Endwalker will also include two new classes, the Sage class (as the team's healer) and the Harvester (as the team's DPS).

During the presentation, some details about Reaper's combat and functioning were revealed. The job will use a two-handed scythe as a weapon, requires no base class to use (but you must have at least one class already at level 70) and can be acquired from a quest available in Ul'dah (and it starts at level 70).

This isn’t just any expansion, this expansion’s story is going to be absolutely insane. This expansion should end the storyline that has been building since 2.0 many, many years ago. We’ll finally see the end of the Zodiark and Hydaelyn saga. We’ll have tons of new cities and zones to explore, too!

The Harvester joins the other new class named Sage, a healer who can attack and heal using mechanical wings.

In conclusion, Yoshida also announced another playable character, the male Viera. The Viera is a breed of rabbit present in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

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