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Hi all, hoping you can give some advice.

Few days ago I tried starting my 2005 F650 GS, but it wouldn't even turn over. I heard a faint whining noise (hard to tell, i had earplugs in... was ready to ride) but definitely no turning over. The water temp light would continuously flash until i attempt to start it and it stops. Also noticed the digital clock or odo seemed to say "bat", so I assumed the battery needed charging, so did so.
Still nothing, most of the time it makes no noise when i press the start button, lights etc do dip a little as it would when normally starting. Doesn't say "bat" on the clock or odo anymore. I did try swapping for a known good battery, though its exactly the same.

Any ideas what might be the cause, or what I should be looking for to find out. Appreciate any help!

Some extra info; the bike probably hadn't been run in about a month or so, but stored in a fairly dry shed. I've had issues in the past where water would get into the switchgear and make it tricky to start etc. but i don't think that would be the case here! Also i can hear the fuel pump priming when you turn on the ignition.
First check batery terminals are tight, but as you tried substitute battery unlikely. Good Earth on earth lead? Next I would look at Kill switch / switch gear and / or micro switches IE inhibitor gearbox, side stand if fitted etc
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