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Hi guys. I own a 1996 Bmw F650 Funduro, 19.000 km .I bought it a few weeks ago. The bike runs great when warm but if i try to cold start it , it just cranks but doesnt start .
If I tilt the bike a little bit to the right side, it starts no problem ( on left side doesnt work ) . if i keep it straight and crank it, after 1-2 minutes it starts and smokes all the extra fuel that got in the engine. i dont know the reason why , do you have any ideas why it does that?
The bike has a good starter and a new battery.
The carbs were cleaned last year by someone, the choke does work , but sometimes the bike starts better without it ( talking about cold starts only )
I tought maybe the spark plugs are bad , the carbs are not properly adjusted.
I am new in the motorcycle world , not experienced . have anybody experienced this before?
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