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Ok I know I am new on the forum and already I have learned a lot from reading the posts from others this is really a great place full of helpful information.

The event…

As member of the LetsGoExplore 4x4 team I am arranging a charity event to support a remote school in Morocco North Africa! The good news is that we have sponsors, big ones like Credit Suisse and Dell computers of Switzerland. Even better news is that this event is free for anyone to join and come along, even if you cant make it (May 2007) you are welcome to make a contribution of any educational items for the school.

So where when and why?

Iche, is a small village in Morocco, slap bang on the Algerian border. Its approximately 150km from any civilised infrastructure, in the village live around 70 families and 26 children who attend the school, the school building is the only concrete building in the village, everything else is made from mud/straw. The main reason why the families of the village send their children to school is so they receive the government funded meals. The teacher (Mohamed) has done a great job in trying to enthuse the kids and educate them but has little recourses available to make the class room a fun place to learn. Last year we visited the school and provided them with enough stationary pens pencils and other items to keep them going until our next visit. Now with Credit Suisse and Dell behind us we will return in May and provide the school with two computers with flat screens and a small quiet running generator to power them (the village only has 4 hours of electricity in the evening between 5 and 9pm) We are currently in talks with the big pharmaceutical companies who also might join us as sponsors.

So, anyone who fancies a nice ride down to Morocco, help raise some interest from individuals or companies to support the 26 children of Iche then follow a group of so far 5 experienced Sahara 4x4 drivers who will in return help support you on your bikes is welcome. After the school visit we head south towards the Western Sahara and Mauritania. Lots of desert tracks, lots of fun and all with a good cause.

If anyone is interested contact me, I can provide pictures of the village and school from our last visit in December 2006

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