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This is a LOW model with 30,600 Miles, No service history. I am the 5th owner. Bought as a doer upper, bit scruffy, been down on left side hence scratches on panels (not me guv). Sold to me by dealer as NOT cat C or D.
Crash bars fitted after prang.
MOT to 21/6/2021. 1 ignition key with bike.

I have replaced / fitted the following:

MOTOBATT battery - fitted.
15 tooth rear sprocket with tab washer - fitted.
LH switchgear as the flasher button was broken - replaced.
Red seat lock release handle - fitted.
Givi Monorack kit with Monokey Plate - fitted.
Secondhand Givi Topbox - fitted.
Boosterplug - fitted.

I also have following spares that will be included with the bike:

Handlebar grips.
Front indicators - BMW Lookalikes. (little LED ones currently fitted.)
Clutch Lever
Clutch Cover - brand new albeit in black from Moto-Bins.
Oil Service Kit, Air Filter, Spark Plug & 3 litres 15-50 engine oil. All from Motorworks.

The bike surges slightly on a steady throttle at say 60 but pulls like train when you open the throttle. The boosterplug and 15 tooth front sprocket make the bike less of a faff in town.

Reason for sale is that it is too low, I have a 30" inseam and have bent knees with both feet flat on the deck. I bought it in August and have only covered a couple of hundred miles what
with my sciatica!
Please msg me on 07505962914 if you want to view, make an offer or ask a question as I am bound to have forgotten something important.
Cheers Derek

IMG_20201121_121229.jpg IMG_20201121_121239.jpg IMG_20201121_121309.jpg IMG_20201121_121256.jpg IMG_20201121_121906.jpg

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Too all interested parties:

The motorcycle has been sold.
As per the instructions in the Sticky I have sent an email to the address given however I get this message from google:

[h=2]Delivery incomplete[/h]There was a temporary problem delivering your message to [email protected]. Gmail will retry for 19 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.
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