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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi Arne I may have a good used bush for you. Email me at mal @
  2. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi! My wife has an lowered Strada -99, and still has to ride it in lowest rear setting due to her short legs. At the last MOT inspection they pointed out that the upper part of the shock was loose (but we passed) and when I check it there is about 2 mms of free play between the screw in the...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Has anyone had problems with the upper bush on the rear shock on 1995 F650 Funduro ? We have slight movement on the upward movement but the rest of the shock is ok. Will we really have to buy a whole new unit just to replace a single rubber bush. Any suggestions welcome.
1-3 of 3 Results