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    Hello, I have recently bought a 2000' F650 Dakar with 'new' tyres. They are Metzeler front and back. On a recent trip to Cornwall I went off road for about 10 minutes heading up the costal path by Porthtowan toward Portreath. :riding: The next day I happen to see that one of the knobs from...
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    I know you can get them for tubeless wheels, but what about for 650's tubed rear tyres? Trying to get a petrol station airline onto the valve is nigh on impossible. What is the score?! :doh:
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    I need to get a gear change lever, any idea where I can get one from? Also, I need a new front tyre(19"), I was told they no longer make the Michelin. I have a 95 Funduro?
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi What is the largest size I can fit ? I need a new rear Anakee as the front had just been replaced when I bought it 1000 miles ago. Think I should replace the rear now. This is purely from an aesthetics point of view - sad I know, but the tyre thats on there now looks too small in comparison...
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    Please advise any reputable tyre dealer around the North to West or Central London, that sells rubber for the F650. I need a rear tyre this weekend ideally Thanks in Advance
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    hi there i been informed that when carring a pillion passenger you should increase the rear tyre pressure , has anybody got any information on to how much to increase it by.?? :? many thanks Neal (I passed my test 2 weeks ago and its the best thing iv ever done.!)
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    Has anyone fitted TKC 80's to a standard Funduro? Will the front fit under the mudguard or do I need to get one of the high level jobbies, if so where from and how much? Cheers Rich
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    Have just bought a 650 Dakar and just about to put some new tyres on. Would like to do about 50/50 on road and off road. I have been told the Conti TKC 80's are good but ware out quick. Has anybody used the Conti Escape tyres? if so are they any good? Thanks :-)
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    My bike recently failed the MOT due to a bald rear tyre among other things. The center tread was worn right down. After checking the history I keep it covered 9,400 miles. My brother thinks that it should have survived longer and that I have too much pressure in them. I know the pressure is...
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    Hi folks, Sorry about the gormless question, but I've used search and had a look everywhere that I can think of but I can't find this info. I want to order some tyres, but I don't have the bike with me, so please could anyone tell me what the sizes are for a 95 Funduro? (All the tyre sites...
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    I took my bike for it's MOT today and found a nail embedded in the rear tyre. As you all know the recommended fitment is a Z-rated tyre. Of course this is a wee bit OTT for the CS but what I'd like to know is has anyone fitted lower rated tyres? Any recommendations as ?140 to replace 600-mile...
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    Need at least one new tyre for my Dakar - before 12th May weekend. . . Whats the best tyre and the best place to buy. I can get it fitted myself - so maybe a good website if anyone knows of one?
  13. F650 Single Discussion
    On the metz site it says 26psi front and 36psi rear!...Is anyone else running these pressures as they seem incorrect. The front seems a very low pressure and the rear too hard!
  14. F650 Single Discussion
    Due for a change on the rear currently running meztler sahara enduro 3, should i stick with this or are there better alternatives and if so can i mix and match different tyres front and rear without upsetting the handling.?
  15. F650 Single Discussion
    Finally got round to fitting my new TKC80's. Went off for a ride to scrub them in, came back rather quick to check the tyre pressures. They understeer in corners and the front end is very twichly. Off road they are fantastic, had a go though a long muddy puddle, loads of fun! But I'd read that...
  16. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi, Recently contacted a tyre supplyer off the web. I wanted a set of TCK-80's because these seem to be the dogs preferables when it comes to a decent dual sport tyre. The shop told me that they had them in stock, but they wouldn't pass an mot in the UK! :wall: Has anyone on this forum got...
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    No, no , don't all doze, off - this is a really easy tyre question ..... honest! :big grin: First, there was the preamble - I picked up my "new" '95 F650 yesterday and rode it about 70 miles home. It wasn't the smoothest of rides, but I put that down to wet roads and me not being used to...
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    Close to tyre replacement time again, i've had Tourances in the past but for some reason i eat front tyres!! Test rode a new F650GS with whatever tyres they come with, and they felt much better around the corners, always felt the tourance was going to wash out on the front! So at the risk of...
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    Just checking over the bike this morning and noticed the rear tyre tread getting a bit low, about 4mm in centre of wheel. I was a little surprised as its only covered 1800 miles since new. It's a metzeler enduro 3 sahara, is this usual? Heard the TKC 80's are good ? Any recommendations :think:
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    Just wondered if anyone else with a CS has had this problem? I've done just under 7000m, still with the original OE Michelin Pilots and the rear tyre is getting squared off quite a bit. Although I'm not a knee-to-the-floor type I do lean reasonably when going around corners and bends. I check...
41-60 of 85 Results