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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    After doing an oil change on my 95 F650 it stripped the thread in the sump I tried a heli coil in it with no luck then started to think how am I going to fix this, after searching around on my garage I found the perfect solution to this problem and for any one else who wants to do the same is...
  2. Bike Tech / Kit / Reviews
    Hi All, i've only posted on a few times before had to cancel my internet.. back on now!.. had my 1998 funduro now for 4 months or so, and be using it everyday on motorway and hasn't missed a beat.. !! (apart from accelerator cable - but thats just one of those things) my question is i'm...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Where I live there is alot of 30-40-70 speed limits. going 40mph in 5th is WRONG!:scratch: i also get average mpg 180miles untill the light goes on.:-( My current teeth (in the bike) are rear:47 front:16 and 70 mph almost sounds too high rpm. crusing about broads 2up fully loaded at 50 is...
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    Dear all, In a recent thread there was a fellow member that was describing his crash. I will try not to pass comment on that thread as it will undoubtedly offend some of you and I do not care to enter into a conversation on that. Notice however the word I used to describe the event…CRASH...
  5. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    OK. In the absence of other suggestions, we're looking at Lumb Farm or Santrix's Mountain Centre. Vote for your current favourite so we can get something definate booked.
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    I have a feeling the thread has gone on my sump. I can't do the plug up tight, and when I removed it today I had little bits of thread in the plug's thread. I have now done it up as tight as I dare and it's weeping slightly. (I've tied it up with wire just in case!) Is this a BMW fix it job, or...
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    I would like to wish everyone a happy christmas!......Enjoy the days off and the ride outs :riding:
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    You all seem like a nice bunch of people :-D Do you ever all get together at a rally. If no would any body be interested in meeting up for the weekend camping in Wales next year? I know a biker friendly site. F650 Rally. North Wales 12/05/06 ?
1-8 of 12 Results