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  1. Bike Tech / Kit / Reviews
    Hi all, I'm trying to kit out my F650ST for some touring/camping around wales and scotland 2-up. I've managed to find and fit some monokey side racks, and am looking to get a decent sized top box... I was going to get a universal Monokey place and fix it on, but the existing tail is plasticy...
  2. F650 Single Discussion
    Evening all, I noticed the other day the tail light wasn't working although the brake light was fine. Replaced the bulb to no avail. Checked the fuses today (fine). Had a look for any loose wires...nothing obvious there. I've now noticed that the rear brake light AND full heads don't work...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can buy an LED replacement tail light for a 1995 F650 please. The ones on ebay appear to be for the new version GS 650. Thanks Dylan
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    I thought I'd have a pleasant evening in my garage fitting my new tailrack. 15 minute job, just bolt it on and and then stand back and admire my handy work...... not quite. :wall: It came with very short instructions in german and only a black and white photo taken from a distance to work...
  5. F650 Single Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a tail rack to strap luggage to? Im a bit dissapointed with the number of bungey points and the underseat exhausts - Ive just melted my blummin' rucsac straps! Ive seen the aluminium one in the touratech catalogue but its ?90! Does anyone else make them? (Oooh if only I...
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi! I have been taking a look at tailbags from the Touratech and Wunderlich catalogues for my 2005 F650GS. Does anybody have these? Is any of them any better than the other? Are they convenient enough for what they are, or should I better be getting the orignal Top Box? First of all I am...
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a tail pack for an 03 F650GS which works in conjunction with the standard BMW panniers?
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    I have bought a '94 f650 there is a screw missing from the heat shieldf on the exhaust at the rear (last screw) and a screw missing from the tail. Does anyone know where I can get replacements. I think this may seem a stupid question but I am knew to the bike thing. Thanks
  9. F650 Single Discussion
    hi all had a problem with my tail light this week the problem seems to be salt corrosion as i am using the bike thru the winter due to unforseen circumstances!after stripping the whole rear end off the bike i was shocked by the amount of crap under there.the lack of rear hugger really lets it...
  10. F650 Single Discussion
    Has anybody tried LED stop/tail lights? Have seen several articles in bike press about how good LED's are supposed to be. They can fit directly into a standard bayonet socket, but last a lot longer (alledgedly) than normal bulbs, react faster and give a brighter light. Found one site selling...
1-10 of 10 Results