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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    Well, I'm off on my first European adventure on the bike, a bit later in the year than I would have wished but there you go, finally going to Germany to see friends and family and show off the bike :riding: On the subject of adjusting/taping off headlights, having read through 5 or 6 threads on...
  2. F650 Single Discussion
    can any one tell me where to get a clock sticker for kph to mph convertion for my bmw funduro looked on many web sites they mostly have this little gadget that does it for you , i have one of them but it dont fit my clock any help welcome thanks in advance
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can buy a set of stickers for the F650 Dakar? I have seen the tank graphics for sale but not the complete set. Many thanks Nige.
1-3 of 3 Results