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  1. Sale - Wanted - Swap (UK Only)
    I have a whole bag of new genuine BMW air filters (Part number: 13712345232). To fit F650GS (1999-2008), F650GS Dakar (2000-2007) and G650GS (2008 onwards) £10 each including postage.
  2. Sale - Wanted - Swap (UK Only)
    So I have: 1x 21" front wheel which is without a tyre but has a disc. Wheel part number: 36317654448 in excellent condition. £120 1x 19" front wheel fitted with a decent 110/80 Continental Twinduro tyre but without the disc. Wheel part number: 36317651150 for the F650GS and G650GS all models up...
  3. Sale - Wanted - Swap (UK Only)
    I have a whole bunch of parts for F650GS's and Dakar models of all years and a few other bits too. All plastics and plaques, luggage frames and panniers, exhaust parts, seats, wheels, suspension, two subframes, handlebars, a couple of fuel tanks and more stuff on top. some of it is used and some...
  4. Sale - Wanted - Swap (UK Only)
    see below:
  5. Sale - Wanted - Swap (UK Only)
    This engine had about 60 000 km's on it. Was in the bike wheni bought it which was a non runner as stuck in gear and found tang of a spring in the bottom of engine. Replaced the engine as was cheaper than the rebuild at the time. Have allready vultured crank covers and electric bit s Have...
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Please forgive me if the answer to this question is hiding somewhere. I recently had a problem with my front brake binding on, it turned out to be down to the master cylinder, the small spring inside the rubber boot had gone rusty and broken up into 5 pieces, one bit getting jammed between the...
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    I am guessing this should be common sense but I'm lacking in that dept at the moment... Plus I haven't got access to the bike yet.... 1) What should be in the tool kit under the seat? 2) What additional tools would it be a good idea to take on a Road trip round Europe - Turkey and Back? 3)...
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    Does anyone know for how long BMW will be supplying spares for the Scarver ? I'm just wondering whether I should be considering putting a bit of a kit together with some of the parts which are unique to the Scarver...
  9. F650 Single Discussion
    I am planning a trip to Morocco next year. I would be grateful for tips from previous visitors. Places to stay, good routes , things to do and see. My F650GS 02 model has 20K miles on it and I would be glad to hear of any suggested replacements to carry or precautionary maintenance. I have...
  10. F650 Single Discussion
    Just like to mention (in case it hasn't been mentioned before) Motorworks in Yorkshire do an excellent secondhand and new spares mail order service. You can also get a catalogue of all their stuff which is very useful especially if you want to compare prices with your local BMW dealer. They also...
  11. F650 Single Discussion
    I will be using my F650GS well away from dealers. What spares would you recommend I take with me. I am thinking of taking: throttle cable, clutch cable, bulbs, Any other recommendations? John
1-11 of 11 Results