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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    You may think you are hard done by in the Uk when buying secondhand bikes but here in Barcelona they seem to hold their price very well, especially BMW's. Just went down to my local dealer and they are selling a 1998 FS650ST (30,000 kms) for 3600 Euros or (2700 pounds at current exchange rates)...
  2. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi, I'm a new F650 owner and I was wondering where the best place to check secondhand values was. Is there any info/link on this site? (if not it would be a useful addition). I'm asking because I bought my bike off ebay with very little research, just a feeling that ?1150 for a 1998 F650 ST with...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Now before you say it, this isn't a thinly veiled 'buy, sell, swop' forum post! I urgently need to get hold of a set of pannier rails for an '01 f650 FL, and am loath to pay the ?100-plus that they will cost new. Do any of you know a good second-hand spares dealer, or a breakers yard that...
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I was out this morning at a local dealers here in Edinburgh and I found an F650 Strada in Red. X-reg, looks pretty good condition and is priced at ?2995. Is this good, bad or OK for a strada?
1-4 of 4 Results