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    Im just about to purchase a GS seat from an 04 bike, for my brothers 01 bike ( 51 reg). The seller informs me that 04 bikes were revised drastically, and the seat may not fit an earlier bike. Can anybody help ? Cheers, Daz
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    I find the seat on my 04 gs a bit hard. Has anyone had their seat modified i.e. Put gel pads inside etc. If anyone has gone this route,can you recommend a seat specialist and an approx guide to prices. I woulf be grateful for any replies/comments etc.
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    Try these people VEADKI LTD in Stroud. Next day turnround, excellent job, better than new. Good value.
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    On long runs on my 04 650GS I have noticed I am getting sore knees. When I left the bike in for service I got a loan bike which seemed to be much higher I asked the dealer and he said my bike had the normal seat and his demonstrator had the high seat but I am not convinced. I am 5ft 8 tall so...
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    A couple of pics of my sw-motech crash bars on my F650 CS and my Alaska leather sheep. My bike is also lowered with Kouba links. Sorry Trev, it was public, but I copied the wrong link. Hopefully this is the right one.
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi all, nearly 1000 miles on the gs and I am considering a new seat, the existing seat seems to tilt forward a little too much and feels a little hard for extended mileage(possible something to do with 17 stone sitting on it). Recommendations? OE high seat or touratech replacement? All...
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi All, Any recommendations for a method of repairing a small tear in my saddle cover. I caught it with a zip on my leathers and obviously I would like to stop it getting worse. Thanks in advance, Izzie
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    Has anybody used an Airhawk Seat Cushion? They get a good write up on the Chain Gang FAQ pages, as well as on other biking web sites. Any advice on where to get one in the UK and what is the best size to use? Andrew
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    There are only two seats made by BMW for the F650GS range, one (low) normally supplied with the F650GS, and the Dakar one (high). Basically that's it from BMW, other than the "single" seat. However the Wunderlich high seat is even higher than the Dakar seat. Click below to see a selection of...
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    Sent my F650 seat away to Veadki Ltd, Stroud, for recovering last Wednesday and it came back tonight. Superb job. Can't fault the quality of the wormanship, materials or the service. Excellent.
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    Hi to all, :howdy: As my profile says I'm looking at purchasing a GS in the very near future :dance:, what i'd like is some advice from the taller members about seat heights. I'm 6'3" so I guess the Dakar would be the ideal choice, if I was to purchase a standard GS what should I be looking at...
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    Hi Guys After owning my new F650GS for a month now and 700 miles, i'm finding the seat a pain literaly!!. Anybody replaced theirs for a more comfortable one? I would prefer to keep seat height the same as standard as i'm a little short in the leg so the Dakar seat is out. Cheers Lyndon
  13. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi Bustupbiker,,hows the bike going.Dont forget if you want to try a low seat just let me Riding Dazzer
  14. F650 Single Discussion
    There is a push-button kind of switch located under the very front end of the seat (in front of the "tank"). I noticed that it is broken on my bike. It doesn't seem to affect the functionality in any way. Does anyone know what the switch does? Thanks
  15. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi everyone I've just found this site - very interesting! I've had my '98 F650ST for nearly 2 yrs, love riding it but work really gets in the way :-( My bike is lowered and also has a low seat (I'm only little!) but after riding for a few hours me knee starts really aching. How much bigger...
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    I?m a 6 foot 19 stone heavy weight and I brought my 1997ST about a year ago, it seemed perfect until I tried to ride it for more than 45mins, then it was a real pain in the butt. I wasn?t sure whether it was the seat or me when this first happened, so I bought a comfort seat from Motorworks to...
121-136 of 136 Results