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    Good spark, fuel flowing to carb, but it'll only run when I spray engine cocaine into the airbox. Any suggestions gratefully investigated.:thanks2:
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    Well I had a running problem, surging on choke and hesitation on full throttle. I thought the airbox and carbs were full of water after a particularly exuberant off-roading session where I was hitting mud holes at 35 MPH (you really have to see water coming up over the windscreen to appreciate...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    The bike's been off the road for the best part of 4 weeks while I do my first DIY service. Lots of time wasted waiting for the right parts to come available and while I was learning on the job. Anyway, I got it all back together yesterday just as it was getting dark. The good news is that it...
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    Anyone seen the Motorcycle Aid "Snowball" site in aid of the Asian Tsunami Appeal ? The website is There seems to be a lot of interest from all areas. Happy new year to everybody. From a personal point it should be better for me than last year :-( (RTA in a car ...
1-4 of 4 Results