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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    Now it appears my rear rim is rotten, does anyone have decent rear wheel or a knackered rear wheel hub with a decent rim for a rim swop. Are the rear wheels of the funduro and strada, different to the gs. Or what sort of rim would I need Talon or ?.
  2. F650 Single Discussion
    does any one know if the rear ali wheel rim has a lacquered finish? I've just had a rear tyre fitted and they scrached the edge of the rim by the tyre. can I just clean it up with wet & dry?
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi, I'm trying to find a rim clamp (rim lock or security bolt) to fit to the rear wheel of my F650 Dakar but I am not having any success since the wheel is wider than most off-road applications. I'm currently intending to use the original wheel which is 3.00x17 and the "widest" clamp I can find...
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    I'm going to junk the front rim on my newly acquired ST (1997) and change it to a 17" rim. Anybody done this and what rim size did you use....and tyre size. I'm thinking of a 3.00 with a 110/80 or a 120/80 tyre. Any thoughts? Sean
  5. F650 Single Discussion
    My son's bike needs new tyres. Currently on Michelin T66. Never strays from tarmac nor likely too (hope I'm not tempting fate here :think: ) So what does everyone think is the best road tyre. Want decent life but also decent grip. He's a bit of a hooligan :-( Secondly, is it possible to get...
1-5 of 5 Results