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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    I've created a new group on this very forum! I thought if a few of us from the Yorkshire area joined, we could organise rides etc. You can find the group HERE. Anyone is welcome (of course!) :mrgreen:
  2. Chatter
    The french minister of transport upset the french motorcyclists in Paris by suggesting they should not go any faster than cars, in addition he also said if they did"nt like that they should use the metro. So, 40,000 bikes took to the paris ring road and jammed it up, then they turned their...
  3. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    :howdy: guys don't forget the next Leeds area f650 riders meet at squires Tuesday the 13 Oct about 6/30 on lets hope its a dry night :dance: see header i think we can talk about this :think: or just (L.A.F650) that's if nobody else has this name :doh:
  4. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    :big grin: WELL :howdy: on a very good night sunshine warm breeze :-D we had a few hardy Yorkshire riders turn up silly squid/kuyajonathan/brumbergson was on ones of of the new fangled 2pot jobs but we will not hold that against him ( great guy) and yes little old ME :mrgreen: a bit...
  5. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    :howdy: i was thinking :think: and yes it did sting the brain cell a bit :whistle: HOWS about a meet up to put some faces to names for riders around the Leeds/Cass/Wakefield/york/Selby area and any body else that is interested :not worthy: Tuesday the 18 this mt at SQUIRES on the b1222...
  6. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Is anybody there?
  7. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Anybody riding up from the South West on the saturday want to join up?
  8. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Hi all, I'm new to this group but a life-long motorcyclist. Encouraged by my Son (also a member here), what I have read on this site, and wanting to add a 'go-anywhere, all year round' machine to my stable, I have recently acquired an '06 650 GS, and love it. I live between Exeter and Taunton...
  9. F650 Single Discussion
    Hello all Just bouoght me a 01 F650 Funduro 2 weeks ago I live in the Yorkshire Dales, so great for the back lanes, I love it And thanks alraedy for a great web site, already got loads of useful info from it and the chain gang :howdy:
  10. F650 Single Discussion
    I was just waiting for the new owner of my bike to arrive and I was reading through the riders manual...I found something which I thought was quite amusing...see if you can spot the cockup :mrgreen:
  11. F650 Single Discussion
    To follow up on my previous post on this subject, I recently attended a BMW open day at my local dealers. There was a Dakar there which I tried out for size and I immedietely realised what some members of the forum were getting at regarding height. Now I don't know if this machine was fitted as...
  12. F650 Single Discussion
    I'm looking for some advice from some Dakar riders out there, specifically from those of a shorter stature (with leg lengths of 30" or less). I currently ride an F650 GS and the height is just about fine for placing both feet flat on the ground but as I'm gaining more and more confidence (and...
  13. F650 Single Discussion
    stumbled on this today..... should bring a few laughs :-D .
  14. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Ok chaps, who fancies a spin out next Sunday, 29th? Not sure where to yet, say meet outside North Oxford Garage at 10.30am? Open to any offers of a route/where to go. cheers carcher
  15. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi all - there seem to be a fair few of us passing each other at various times/places on the North Circ (7.45 this morning a good case in point - Yellow 650, heading West at the A1 junction?) Why don't we try to arrange an informal breakfast or brunch get-together? Maybe a weekend at the Ace...
  16. F650 Single Discussion
    I've just recently purchased an F650 GS and love the bike and the standard factory fitted seat is just at the right height for me to be comfortable on the bike. I've read on the forum that some riders have fitted the Dakar seat for extra comfort which is a bit confusing because the standard BMW...
  17. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    :whistle: Am I the only Devon rider here? :think:
  18. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Hello every one, Weather permitting I am going for a ride out on the 15th may. Due to the fact that I don't have liability insurance I can't say I'll lead a ride, however its a free country and I can't stop anybody if they chose to go the same direction as me ,of...
  19. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Are there any other riders around Dartmoor or am I the only one left after the curse of the Dartmoor beast? ;) Well today I spotted in total BMW riders = 0, other riders = 0 I did however come across some disheartened 10 tors walkers who looked like they really wanted to mug me for my...
  20. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Hello all, just read the post from August about a meet up or ride out in South Scotland surely there are more of us out there! I often see F650s going about in this neck of the woods and they make more sense in the winter than the big twins. So, anyone up for a winters jaunt ? Happy riding
1-20 of 20 Results