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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi Folks - first post here so sorry if I'm not using correct protocol! Have a 2000 F650 Funduro - which I'm considering getting restricted to 33BHP - the other option is back to bike school and accelerated access and the new Euro Test with its swerve test at 32mph!!! Have any of you restricted...
  2. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi there, ive got another year to serve on my "apprenticeship" until my liscence goes full, ive been riding chinese cruisers so far and now feel like a change. I would like something with more power and a higher seat as well as less chrome to shine. would also be nice to get it mucky and go off...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi Any body have picture or details how the f650 is restricted (somewhere in the inlet 37 hp) I want take it out but cannot find instruction anywhere Let me know thanks
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi Guys, Could anyone please advise what is involved in removing the power restriction from my 2004 F650GS. Does the procedure require replacement parts, or is it simply a case of labour costs? Is it a DIY operation or a Main Dealer visit? Thank you. :think:
  5. F650 Single Discussion
    From "For Sale and Wanted" forum (can't reply there). As the law stands, anyone can fit a restrictor kit, and a certificate or dyno reading isn't required (Rogue Traders?). If your insurance company asks for one, go elsewhere. I fitted the throttle quadrant stop type to my girlfriend's F650GS...
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    HI Guys and Girls, Any owners recently had a power restriction lifted from 33 to 50bhp? Just wondered what change in performance characteristics I could expect as I am keen to get this done in the near future. My bike is a 2004 GS, (twin spark, fuel injected etc). Thanks
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    My 2004 F650 GS is currently restricted to the 33 bhp power threshold. Do any of you splendid guys and gals out there know if derestriction to the heady heights of around 50bhp can be carried out as a DIY job? Or is this a task for the Dealership? :think:
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi, Got a question for you. my friend is having problems with his bike (1996 Funduro) Bad starting/spluttering etc. He has new sparks and battery. His Bike is restricted. Today he called me and said he saw some blue flame coming out of the exhaust join near the carbs ( near the ubend where it...
1-8 of 8 Results