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  1. Chatter
    I'm thinking of going to the TT races next year but I've never been before. Does anyone know when is the best time to go, tips for getting there etc? Any comments would be welcome. Thanks in advance! Sally
  2. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    A great weekend away watchin bikes skim the hedgerows, stone walls, spectators at lunatic speeds.A tiny village converted to a home for the insane for the weekend. Brilliant. google the Faugheen 50 road race and see what I mean.All the top guys are there,hospitality is second to none.Has to be seen.
  3. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    I saw this link on the web ... Road racing if thats your cup of tea?
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    I've been watching some of the Olympic cycling races over the past couple of days and have noticed along with the usual BMW K1000 (brick) bikes with photographer aboard there's also one or two F650GS bikes and a Scarver cruising around with the 'peloton' (pelethon) and sometimes 'clearing' the...
1-4 of 4 Results