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    Translates to English for the report posted on the same site, copied WWW.ENDUROCU.COM Turkey, would take too long ... but I wanted to share ... Engine problem: 2nd gear, 4000 rpm on the gear was wasted take ... Unstitched ... Bora Erengül Dostum sa***287; olsun çok cesaret verdive dediki...
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    How do you post pics?
  3. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Hi Gang, As promised my report on the few days over in france and Belgium. Thursday April 12th 2007. Left my home in Welling about 0730. The weather forecast for the next few days was exceptionally good so that was good news. Got to Dover in good time about 08:45 and filled up. Our crossing was...
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    Evenin all Anybody who is interested in the TT, Redpoint Photography have IOM TT photos from 1957 that havent been seen before. Taken by one of the locals of the island. Mackeral
  5. F650 Single Discussion
    can you please post some pictures of a garmin streetpilot 2610 on a f650gs and what items you used for this. as i have just purchased one and have no idea how to fix it. many thanks nina :-D
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi All, You've probably seen the debate raging over Avatars at the moment. I've set up this poll to get an idea of your opinion. I'll leave it running for a month to give everyone a chance to have their say. Just scroll up a bit and click yes or no. Thanks for your help Gary
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    Hi All, For any of you that are interested I have activated avatars and loaded a few cartoony galleries. You can also link to and upload your own. Simply edit your profile, scroll to the bottom and select or load your avatar. If you load any of your own images, the size is limited to 80x80...
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    Well, I spent most of the day fitting another gadget (car radio) to my bike! It mostly went well, but it was time consuming. I fitted it to the underside of the lid of my topbox and wired the sound into my Autocom. The remote didn't work (obviously!) as the stereo was hidden in the box. I had...
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    Does anyone have any pictures of genuine BMW handguards for the F650? I was considering the ones Motobins sell (part number 32 71 2 316 588 ), but they don't have any pictures of them on the site. Are these the ones which are attached at the bar-end as well as the control area? Any help would...
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    For all you Dakar types. Got these piccies at the Cooper Reading Launch this weekend. How trick is your one compared to this?? Look hard and you can see the original bits, but not many. :not worthy: PB
1-10 of 10 Results