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    Hello everybody, I'm on the verge of changing my voltage regulator. The old one was not keeping the voltage constant...Voltage was beyond 15.5v with my headlight on. It destroied the battery before i found out. Well, now i'd like to check and see if the alternator is ok. I know the 3 yellow...
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    After a horrible ride over the Snake Pass tonight (cold, dark, fog, rain etc..) I've finally got to admit that the headlamp on the F650 is not as good as it could be... Has anyone found a decent way of getting more light out of it? HID upgrade ? I was struggling to hold 50 MPH through the...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Anyone know if it is possible to fit the later model ('97 - '00) model gearbox shaft with the bloody big nut to the earlier engine, or fit the whole gearbox set up? Just pondering options at the minute. IIRC you can fit the later model engine as a direct replacement, which means I can use the...
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    :howdy: This site has never failed me yet so here goes another. I have a 2005 F650 GS and I have fitted a pair of 55W driving lamps. It was fine during the summer because I hardly used them. But now the dark nights at rush hour, with an hour each way to work (80 miles round trip with no way...
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    Anyone know what the peak voltage output is on a GS?
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Note "Generator" not Alternator as I was corrected in my dealers the other day! I have seen a previous post (somewher) that stated the 650 generator is easily powerful enough to carry a pair of 55w spots with power still to spare. Enough spare for the heated grips??? :think: If I use both the...
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    I know that the CS puts out 400w but how many rpm are required to get those watts? Whilst I'm here anyone know how many watts the heated grips and injector/ignition systems use? Cheers Tony.
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    :-D Hi all, while am on does any body know the output of the genny on the 94 F650 please? Or should that be alternator? me being an old un we only had generators for years, these here new fangled AC thingies they make things more complicated. any one know why? genny DC Alt Ac but then has to...
1-8 of 8 Results