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  1. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi guys, I’m Reuben from Ireland and just I just bought a 98 funduro, really happy with it and only 5700 miles. I might be doing a small bit of off-road/ trail stuff. What accessories would you guys recommend? And from what brands? I was looking at here crash bars for a start. I also had want to...
  2. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Wow!!! Me and my Brother just had a fantastic Sunday camping and off road in South Wales after meeting one of the nicest couple you could ever wish to meet who run a biker / adventure campsite! :riding: Having owned road bikes for around 13 years both me and my Brother have decide to...
  3. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    On the XRV forum I organise regular off-road days. The next one is the 14th November so if you fancy getting muddy come on down. I think some of you know about this as Boboneleg was asking me if some of you lot could come. Details here...
  4. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    hi guys, today i took my wife's nice and clean F650 and play'd a bit to get it dirty...:comfort first I had to get to my starting point: The beginning of the Ridgeway near Streatly... here it took a picture of the F650 still clean for those of you who have not been there..."The Ridgeway...
  5. F650 Single Discussion
    Well, it finally came around. This last weekend three mates and I did the BMW offroad course in Wales. One of us had already done it twice, so he sauntered off into the top group and spent the weekend doing powerslides and all that stuff while the other three of us learnt the basics. What an...
  6. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Hi, Just seeing if anyone would be interested in coming to Morocco approx 27th dec to 19th Jan to watch the Dakar and ride lots of off road pistes (tracks) if you are reply here or better give me a ring 02476 501601 regards Ian
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi, Just seeing if anyone would be interested in coming to Morocco approx 27th dec to 19th Jan to watch the Dakar and ride lots of off road pistes (tracks) if you are reply here or better give me a ring 02476 501601 regards Ian
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    Anyone know where's the best/cheapest place to get some decent quality off-raod kit from? Seen some AXO boots for £99, but need Helmet, goggles, jacket & Trousers too? RC :?
  9. F650 Single Discussion
    Here's my new bike, a proper BMW offroader Proper offroad suspension - 12" of travel and 48mm USD forks Ohlins Moto-X rear suspension Pro taper bars Non of the road going lardiness and 1000cc of power & torque Weighs less than the Dakar Best of all no CHAIN :mrgreen: From this ...
  10. F650 Single Discussion
    Was on the Simon Pavey offroad school in Wales this weekend. I did the course on the 650GS. Simon insists that there is virtually NO difference (for what they do) betwen the regular 650 and Dakar other than how tall it is. Day 1 was a lot of fun - lots of drills all morning on the basics -...
  11. F650 Single Discussion
    The offroad skills course in Wales was sold out. I had put myself on a waiting list. I got a call yesterday - they have now added three new sessions next month : 1/2 June 16/17 June 19/20 June I booked myself on the 16/17 (Friday/Saturday). If you are interested - they are on 0800 013 1282
  12. F650 Single Discussion
    I rather like the look of the Fastway Footpegs, a bit pricey but wide and not too aggressive in terms of the metal teeth, which I find removes skin from shins very effectively. Anyway...the point of my post was that on Nippy Normans web site it say they fit the R1100GS,R1150GS,R1200GS and most...
  13. F650 Single Discussion
    Macs 'beloved' recently purchased the greatest ever 30th birthday present a man could ask for, namely the off-road skillls course on the 15th and 16th of October. Has anybody got any advice or tips on how they found the course? Better still, anybody on that one?! Cheers
  14. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi all The BMW off road course is booked up until next year, has anyone had experience or can recommend another off road training facility? I've researched a little on the net and there doesn't seem to be many... Many thanks Steve
  15. F650 Single Discussion
    I'm looking for a new set of tyres for both on and off road, i've got the stock items on there at the minute but would like something with better performance off road, any ideas?
  16. F650 Single Discussion
    Anyone tried it or have I just got to get a GS variant? thanks, dan
  17. F650 Single Discussion
    I enjoy my CS greatly, but I must confess that I think that the GS looks better. Having said that, the CS has two majaor advantages - tubeless tyres and the belt-drive. My ideal bike would be a GS but with tubeless tyres (easy to do - the R1100GS has them); The problem is the belt can't be used...
  18. F650 Single Discussion
    Wanting to buy an F650, and would like to know if its any good off-road as compared to the japs .. any thoughts?? 8-)
  19. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi writing for further advice I'm afraid, As you may know I have only recently bought my Dakar and I fully intend taking it off road at some point. The only problem I have is that I have never ridden anything off road at all and, having ridden sports bikes in the past, the feeling of the back...
  20. F650 Single Discussion
    I have just purchased a second set of wheels for my 2001GS because I use the bike every day for work but want to get back into off-roading at weekends. I propose to fit some decent off road tyres to the second set of wheels. According to most write ups metzler Karoo's are better than TKC 80's...
1-20 of 21 Results