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  1. Chatter
    Just saw this link over on the XRV forum and thought I'd share it here too as there's some amazing photos. ! May be going to hell in a bucket Ian Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  2. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Went for a ride out with some of the guys from londonbikers today. Very pleasant day and not to cold. This was our route Here's the motley crew and on the road
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    I've just added a blue, 2000, X-reg F650GS (ABS) to the 1200GS I've had for a while. The 650 is intended to be my "winter hack," although a good clean up over the weekend has revealed it's in better nick than I thought. This might make it more difficult to put it away when it's covered in crud...
  4. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    If any of you fancy a tootle out over the hills to Holmfirth in West Yorks you will get a friendly welcome at the 'Corner house cafe' its affiliated with the BMF and makes a cracking fry up!! Always plenty of bikes there Sunday mornings, John.
  5. Get-Togethers, Meets and Ride-Outs
    Hello all! Some of you wanted me to post some pics of what can you expect in Serbia. I will post some pics with coments and I hope you will like it... We will start at my hometown Novi Sad Coordinates: 45°15′N 19°51′E Then some pics of our...
1-5 of 5 Results