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    Hi everyone, I'm actually located in the states, and just got my first bike, a 99 F650 Funduro/Classic. I'd love to do the temp guage mod (replacing my clock with a euro temp guage). I bought the guage from a distributor in Germany, but I can't find the temp sender / sensor anywhere...
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    i'm looking to beef up my suspension on my 06 dakar as i pack a lot of stuff when i head out bush (not a lot bmw spares out there) any ideas?:thanks2: happyjacknsw (Geoff)
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    I'm not interested in speed, I rarely take it past 80mph. However, I would be interested in tweaking the response/acceleration. I have read quite a bit on the chain gang and here on various performance mods with varied feedback. I have also read that the setup is already good and you can't get...
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    What have you done to yours......................can they be a 'modfest' 3000 miles and 2 years old and almost all has been offroad trail use and the bike has withstood it well Mine has ................. BMW Handguards - Tough but look crap Sprocket Guard - Good and keeps chain easy...
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    Want to put some bar risers on the Dakar (05). As I have the ABS and Hazard switches is there enough wiring in the loom for the extra lift or is there a bit of wiring involved and how bad is the fouling of the hand guards on the screen? At 5' 11" is the 25mm enough or should I go for the 35mm...
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    Hi, does abybody know how to get some more power from funduros. The bike fits me well :riding: so I don't really want to change it unless I decide to buy the new F650. I could do with a bit more power, though. All help greatly appreciated.
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    My Dakar is now the best it's ever been and as I can't think of any more 'to-dos' here are the key things I did to 'finish' the bike:- Scottoiler, Scottolier, Scottoiler!!!!! Improved breathing (see today's other post) Remus Exhaust Higher screen Front wheel hugger mudguard Centre-stand...
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    Just wanted to say publicly that the seats the Wilbur do are great, very happy with my non slippy covering... Oh and i'd also like to say that Parcel Force are bloody incompetant. (is that spelt right, ? no? how incompetant of me) Dakar seat on standard GS with bar risers..... peachy...
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    Morning all. A few friends and I are riding down to Tuscany through the alps in the summer, the first day being a 600 mile marathon from hertfordshire to Neuchatel in Switzerland. I'm looking for ways to increase the top speed of my trusty dakar as the other three all have rather quicker bikes...
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    Any Uk Bikers on board had any dealings with additional lights, dealers types etc?
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    has anyone tried doing the mod to the left hand silencer on the F650GS, as described on the chain gang site ? will the baffle go back in ? does it make any difference to bottom end power ? does it sound good or just noisy ? cheers steve
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    Have owned my first F650GS Dakar for a week now and am delighted. It's certainly very different to my R80GS Basic ! Its a TT39 and has been described by some unkind people on the GS club site as a Touratech catalogue on wheels ! Anyhow its in for its first service and I am considering a couple...
1-12 of 12 Results