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  1. Sale - Wanted - Swap (UK Only)
    Hi, sold my Funduro due to having no time to use her,but she has gone to a good home.I bought some Kouba Lowering Links, but never got round to fitting them, so now they are for sale, they lower the rear by 2 inches fit 94-2000 BMW F650 Funduro/Non fuel injected models. Price is 60.00 pound...
  2. Sale - Wanted - Swap (UK Only)
    F650GS / Dakar 1" Kouba lowering links, unused, still in original packaging. Clipping from Kouba website showing description of links: BMW KoubaLinks for the 2000-present fuel-injected F/G650iGS/Dakar. F/G650iGS Lowering Links-1" lowering. PN F650i-1.0: *Recommend For GS & GS/Dakar...
  3. F650 Twin Discussion (including F700 and F800)
    I bought a set of Kouba links a few weeks ago to drop my 2008 650GS by 1", I ordered the set for the 'fuel injected and 08 up' bikes. When I got I then discovered that description is not correct, as you all probably know (I, unfortunately, did not) in 2008 the model changed to my one, i.e. the...
  4. Bike Tech / Kit / Reviews
    Hi everyone, i love my Dakar but i'm only 5 foot 7 inch tall so i'm on tiptoes, even with the low seat. I'm thinking of fitting a 2 inch kouba link but apparently the rear tyre can rub if ridden aggressively or by a heavy rider. There is a 1 inch version available too so wondering if it would be...
  5. Bike Tech / Kit / Reviews
    Hi Chaps. I am finding it hard to get some lowering links for my 1995 Funduro, a good friend of mine who is an engineer,who works with metal,claims that he could make them for me.The problem is where can i obtain the specifications to give to him, come on you clever lot give us a pointer. Many...
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Does anybody know were I can get my 2003 lowered in Northamptonshire, or where I get get the links online? Many thanks Al
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    Does anyone know who can fit Lowering Links etc on 2005-2007 F650 GS bikes in Wiltshire ?
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    I have fitted the one inch lowering links to my gs 2004 model and raised the fork stanchions by one inch to lower the front of the bike to compensate. The problem that I have is that when the bike is fully loaded with panniers/camping gear etc. , there is a reluctance (accompanied with a loud...
  9. F650 Single Discussion
    Nick Plumb kindly sent me the link today for us all to share !!
  10. F650 Single Discussion
    hi Trevor /Gazza thanks for a great f650 resource website :-) now to ask you something :-) i am not sure if you know ,but the links shortcut to the chaingang site isn't working. i have noticed that the does not have a shortcut link. guess i should be outside playing with the bike...
  11. F650 Single Discussion
    Just had them fitted to my '95 F650 and what a difference. I can now touch the ground (tiptoes) with both feet.
  12. F650 Single Discussion
    Just thought I'd add this here if anyone ever wants to do a search for "Lowering links on an F650CS (Scarver)" I saw this post on the "Black Belt Gang" forums of the Chain Gang website<hr> From napoleonv Lowered my F650CS by 1.5" this weekend Posted: 10 Feb 2004 05:57 AM I ordered some Kouba...
  13. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi Bustupbiker,,hows the bike going.Dont forget if you want to try a low seat just let me Riding Dazzer
  14. F650 Single Discussion
    They are not all complete, but there's a lot there for reference, especially the mix-'n-match of the Scarver. F650 colour schemes, click on ... F650CS Scarrver ... F650GS ...
1-14 of 16 Results