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    Well here is the finished product. For those of you with the GS version, one day you will probably need to replace your water pump. When you go to do that you will discover that you need to move a steel line which acts as the oil return to the top reservoir. Unless you are particulary skilled...
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    Bugger of a job to change, you need fingers 8 inches long! Got the thing on after much swearing, a flexible hose clip driver is essential. Ran the bike to work today and the line is bulging above the clip at the lower end... Bugger! Got to do it all again now. Going to try and get my money...
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    Does anyone know how to replace the rubber oil line that runs from the frame to the back of the engine on a Funduro? Looks like a special tool is needed to undo and fasten the clips. Is there another way? The line on my bike is cracked and I don't fancy it breaking. Andy
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    Any recommendations? I'm after a front & rear stainless braided brake line kit, clear plastic coated, stainless banjos, with washers. HEL, Goodridge or Earls? Any others? Whadda ya reckon?
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    Hi All :howdy: , It's been slimmed down a bit and tweaked in places and is back !. It'll look much nicer on 800x600 screens now and should scale fine if you use higher resolutions. You should find you get more rows visible in all resolutions over the old template :-) . Logos and images are...
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    during transport of the lime green monster the fuel line detached itself. luckily i had switched off the supply at the petcock. just wanted to check that the fuel line comes out of the petcock joins with another rubber hose which ends at a splitter between the carbs. or am i being a complete...
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    Hi all, Need some opinions as to the difference between the dog-leg banjo bolted thingy that the front brake line and screws onto the master cylinder and this one: Is one of these better / safer re off-roading?
1-7 of 7 Results