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    Hi All \0/ Bit of a bummer really, just about to get my bike back from the mech's and it looks like I might have to be heading off o/s for 6 months without my pride and joy! Anyone know of a decent lock-up in Hertfordshire? - cheap but secure and good for my Fundy (and a few minor household...
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    Hi again, another thing i noticed is that the rear brake light switch (its the hydraulic version) is not functioning. when i cross the wires the brake light the wiring seems fine... Any ideas or should i just buy a new switch??? thx once again. Lars
  3. F650 Single Discussion
    05 GS 14000 Miles Recent X Ring Chain and new sprockets Recent brake pads front and rear 10 mOnths MOT Hyperpro Springs front and rear Good Avon Distanzias TT Chain Guard TT Front Pinion Guard TT Rally footpegs w/ folding gear lever TT Radiator Guard TT Engine Bars Acerbis Handguards Heated...
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi guys,trying to equip a 2000 funduro for trip to europe,but havn,t had much luck on luggage.Universal/accessory tankbags dont fit because of aukward shaped tank,and genuine ones are gatting scarce.The choices arn,t much better for solid panniers,and I dont know if soft panniers are suitble.Any...
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    I am planning a trip, probably on my own in before the summer is out. I am looking on going on Friday afternoon getting back on Sunday night. I live in Central London so could pop over to the continent. Any one got any good ideas of where to head? I haven't been to Wales or along the South...
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Done my oil and filter change yesterday and still when I get up into third it sounds like my engine or gears are dry... can anyone shed any light on the subject? 1997 F650 Strada
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    As I've mentioned in a few posts in the past, I'm planning an overhaul of the site. What is there is useful and has served us well but I want to add more content, frequent updates and allow members of the community to contribute more easily. So the plan is to do something...
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    Well isn't it my day for problems? One of the things I couldn't fix today was my blowy exhaust - the gasket just underneath the temperature sensor is leaky. The nuts at the cylinder head are so corroded I couldn't even begin tp get them off, so until I can book it into my local garage, can I use...
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    Hi all - just had a frustrating time failing to do any useful repairs on the beast, thanks to no garage and not appropriate tools; but first problem I encountered should have warned me today wasn't the day for DIY - my seat won't unlock. Took it off earlier this week, no problem. WD40'd the lock...
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    Hi All, Rode home in wind a rain last night. Half way home headlamp beam was moving around all over the place. Got home and found the holder for the right side of the lamp had broken so it was free to move where it liked. Spoke to dealer this morning and they're going to try and get the new...
  11. F650 Single Discussion
    Can anyone give me an idea of a fair value to pay for a very good condition F650CS, registered in Nov 2001.
  12. F650 Single Discussion
    Been out today for a quick spin and noticed that the starter button seems to be playing up ! Sometimes pressing it does nothing then after trying three or four times the bike fires up perfectly ! ????? Any ideas ?
1-12 of 12 Results