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  1. Bike Tech / Kit / Reviews
    (2nd Attempt...) Just got delivery off and fitted a tooltube to my F650 Funduro... Great... all you need comes with the kit and I only added a strip of aluminium... here are a few photo... Tony.:
  2. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi all, I'm relatively new here and have read a lot of the discussions and found them very interesting and useful. Something I can't seem to find though... does anyone have any experience of fitting crash bars to a Funduro? Any pictures of them fitted? I'd appreciate any pointers! Cheers, Matt.
  3. Bike Tech / Kit / Reviews
    Hi I want to install an autocom system on my 09 bike. As there is no room under the seat I wondered what solutions others had come up with? I will have the bike to bike ptt as well. Thanks Angela
  4. F650 Single Discussion
    Hello Friends! I've splashed out for a cosmetic facelift for the missus. I've received the dakar front frender extension in the post, to fit onto my 2003 single spark gs. I fancied the idea of doing this when I saw NB's article at...
  5. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi guys thanks for my previous help. But again i need you. I have a F650 Funduro year 2000.The fuses under the seat what rating should they be starting from the one nearest the fuel tank. Also how do you replace the seat i cannot get it back on. Cheers looking forward to your advice.:help:
  6. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi As I only have the screen and no fittings.:scratch: Does any one have a copy of the fitting instructions for the BM high screen for 3 hole (2004 <). If not can anyone tell me if the silver cover is removed and not reused ? Thanks
  7. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi all As I want to replace the clutch kit on my 50K mile service would it be a good idea to replace the water pump and seals also, have not had issues with the water pump...? I want to buy all the parts from Motorworks in one order to save on postage... :-)
  8. F650 Single Discussion
    Having failed to find anywhere to put my lube tube (Scotoiler extender) I have bought a High Capacity Reservoir and fitted it behind the number-plate. However, finding a good (safe & tidy) route from the inlet manifold to the HCR and down to the rear-wheel spindle is not proving easy. If anyone...
  9. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi, I bought a HID light 10 months ago, and final got round to 'fitting' it. Fitting it amounted to connecting all the wires and stuffing the bits into the nose fairing. Nothing is fixed down. So, will the ballast or the other 'black box' be destroyed by vibration? If anyone has done a decent...
  10. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi all, just got myself a used SW Motec centre stand, any good advice on fitting it as i seem to be having trouble with the springs! There must be a simple way i just can't see it!! :roll:
  11. F650 Single Discussion
    hi to you good people im thinking about fitting my data tool alarm from my old bike to my 55 plate f650gs and really cant find a good place to mount it?any ideas where they mount the alarm or if anyone has had one fitted where did they hide it :?
  12. F650 Single Discussion
    I have bought a F650GS Dakar 05, 5 days after buying it some nice little scrote decided to have a play on it. The damage caused made the bike uneconomical to repair (for the insurance company). The insurance company gave me the bike back and £1000 more than I paid (so Im not complaining) but I...
  13. F650 Single Discussion
    I've got a pair of ring illuminator lights waiting to be fitted to my funduro, but as I'm no motorcycle electronics whizz i was wondering if anyone knows of someone in or near Northampton who can fit them for me (cheap is prefered :-D ). Preferably someone who has fitted similar before as I've...
  14. F650 Single Discussion
    The bottom line is, it goes in, but only just; the battery is deeper and taller than the original. I had to loosen the two 10mm nuts holding the battery tray in place to let it slide; angle the top of the battery towards the front of the bike and push it in over the lip of the battery tray. I...
  15. F650 Single Discussion
    Hi all well sitting in front of me is 3 boxes. An HID kit, aux running lights and a Zumo. All have been supplied with a wiring harness with in line fuse. Question is if I wire all 3 direct from the battery what sort of extra drain am I going to expect and will my 2 hr a day commute be enough...
  16. F650 Single Discussion
    Yes, you read the title correctly! :dance: I've recently come across a product called 'Flex-O-Metal', which is a plastic sheet loaded with iron particles... Think of a fridge magnet or magnetic L-Plate, only made to stick magnets to, rather than being magnetised itself. Anyway, a couple of...
  17. F650 Single Discussion
    Has anyone fitted a new camchain, I presume that I will need to split the crankcases to do this, can it be done without a major rebuild ? Cheers Cliff Batley
  18. F650 Single Discussion
    OK - a very specific question regarding tyre fitting: I'm in the process of putting a new front tyre on. The old tyre came off easily, the first side of the new one went on easily, and the inner tube has gone into the void.... But: I'm b*****ed if I can get the valve through its hole in the...
  19. F650 Single Discussion
    Santa brought me a Scottoiler, so I set about fitting it today following the guidance on Hmm. Not that easy. I just couldn't get close enough. I removed the airbox, injector assembly, and undid the bolts to the bracket that supports the front of the seat, but just couldn't move...
  20. F650 Single Discussion
    I'm a bit reluctant to drill into the manifold and fit the spiggot as suggested which makes me ask this question. Aren't there any breather pipes there with enough vacuum to activate the Scott Oiler? On lots of singles there are rubber pipes that you just cut and insert a 'T' piece. I have seen...
1-20 of 55 Results