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    Default Strange dashboard behavior


    The dashboard of my BMW F650gs Dakar 2002 34000km started behaving strangely. Please see the videos i recorded on youtube:

    Have you seen something like this before?

    I bouth a new battery that malfunctioned and could never keep the bike running. The voltage was a little low too. Since then the dashboard started behaving like this.

    Now I bought another battery, good quality. The bike starts and runs fine. All lights work well. But the dashboard still behaves like this. And it is only the meeters, km and clock that misbehave. And the weird noise. Everything else works fine.

    Have you seen this before? Any idea what could it be? I am not sure where should I start looking.


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    You posted at & WPoll provided answers & links

    The majority of the dash lamps are directly driven from neutral/high beam/BMSC so are independent of the dash electronics

    The dash electronics are clearly attempting to initialise and failing then attempting to start over and over again, you will find threads about it at

    With all the 650GS models particularly the dual spark & G Series it is not a good idea to turn on ignition when the battery is bad

    Without the bad battery aspect in your case the most likely problem is the 5v supply rail electrolytic capacitor degrading due age & the way stepper motors work

    If you don have good electronic skills find a good electronics tech & have him clean the pcb & replace the capacitor

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