Hello lovely people,

I previously had a F650 Funduro and no issues with the seat. When I moved eventually to a 800GSA I felt much more comfortable with a low seat.... the width of the seat was as much of an issue as the height strangely. Well now I'm looking to buy a G650 Sertao and thinking I'll likely it enjoy it more with some sort of low seat again. I'll probably drop the yoke down the forks about 10mm as well but wondered if such a thing as a low seat exists for this model? Maybe one from a previous model might work?

I'm open to considering a lowering link but have never used one so a bit apprehensive. A single seat is not an option as I'm intending to take my son pillion.

Well thanks in advance in case anybody has a seat available or maybe a recommendation on someone who can shave the OEM seat (I can do it myself but will probably cack it up somewhat).