Football is my favorite game (I was a college player and now coach school ball) and during my time on the trial that I did not feel excited. I'd super low expectations so I did not feel frustrated, I just felt nothing. I like this sport and this is the only major simulation choice and Mut 21 coins that I felt nothing. I have a couple hours left so that I may just test somewhat more but once my period is done it is done for good. I got fooled into purchasing Madden 20 but maybe not this year. If you want the game, cool. As somebody who knows football well and the way the game functions in real life this title does not do anything for me personally. If you like soccer anything beyond a casual fan I can not suggest Madden 21 to you. It is so sad that this is what we must work with. We have to beg for attributes from executives and impolite devs. If you'd like the time to read thanks, catch me playing NCAA 14 along with PS2 Madden and #FixFranchiseMode.

Madden is a perfect example of what a monopoly does to the grade of a service/product. The bar is set low by these and every year is a"measure in a new direction". Every year that I feel like the kid in the back of the vehicle asking"are we there yet" on a road trip, but we aren't even half way ****ing there. Thank god I just got the trial.

This together with all that I am seeing on both r/Madden as well as r/MaddenUltimateTeam cements me on not purchasing Madden for the first time since Madden 05 at the very least before the new consoles come out. I really do play MUT and have invested quite some time in it the past 5 years but because the MUT team gave up earlier in the summer I watched how much I really didn't enjoy this manner, just lacked continuous updates and content. I cut my teeth, so to speak, on Franchise mode and that love revived once MUT shut down. To observe the 6-7 bullet points they were adding to Franchise along with nothing else broke my heart.

What precisely happened to MUT this summer? Nothing. Which was my point. They moved on'21 earlier than usual and there wasn't any material for ~ two months. I have been Madden-free on games for three decades. It is incredibly sad, but simply not worth my effort if EA isn't going to put forth the effort. Broken: Running out using Jackson and hot routing your drag route up. 100% warranty catch. Defense doesn't react to anything. I get having a half second gap for cheap Madden nfl 21 coins reaction time but directly up nothing? Oh he is just very mint and young so in franchise you're able to get him amazingly excellent. I have had him take small 5 lawn outs to the home cutting a dime on the sideline running straight up or simply taking a bubble display for six.