• Recall a 99 in almost any ability is 13,034,431 xp. I assert that the training to get a quest cape is as hard as most 99's. Quite somewhat harder even, if you consider that most of this training is at the lower levels. Compare it to instruction to 99 range in f2p. It's much, much more difficult to get 13M xp with no advantages of things that open up in higher levels that manhood skillers so often take for granted. No, you need to RS gold actually do the quests! Let us do a rough estimate a second. There are 159 quests, so they probably take an average of an hour each if using a guide (they do for me anyway). Even if you're a diehard RuneScape participant and play with 4 hours a day 7 days a week, it will still take you 5 months and 5 days to complete all of them. Now assume a mean of 10 minutes between each person to get ready for the pursuit, which bumps it around 6 months and 5 days. Just doing the quests after you have all of the training done takes more than fletching or cooking! That actually makes it seem shorter than it truly is. If you're more like me, and perform about 7 hours each week, it's going take 26 weeks and 4 days, or about 5.5 weeks.

    Of course, there are the smaller details, such as 10 of the skills being boostable to find the maximum required levels, but I think that only partially compensates for the quests which you will likely want to be substantially above the required level. There is also the chance of dying and losing substantial amounts of money making things tougher, but it does not take place if you're smart (I have dropped a total of approximately 225k from a total of about 3 deaths on quests). And we are completely ignoring the time it takes to make that money, but in my situation I have not had to spend time making money, so long as I go without things most people have, such as whips. Oh, and Jagex keeps releasing new quests, rather often increasing the skill levels which you need to obtain, so the pursuit cape keeps getting harder to get, where skills only get easier, if they change in any respect.

    I argue that the quest cape is more difficult to get than two, or 3 average ability capes assemble. Discuss. First of all individuals who want to answer these questions please answer them with great detail and decent explanation . Please be severe. The main reason why I'm asking this is because I'm taking a college course and my job was to beat an MMORPG game and get excellent details on the game in addition to gamers opinions so I picked a game that I loved which is Runescape so thank you for participating in my lil event.

    What is your favourite thing to do in this game? What keeps you interested to RuneScape gold buy play the game? Why would you play with this game from another game?