1995 BMW F650 Funduro Intermittent Power Loss

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Thread: 1995 BMW F650 Funduro Intermittent Power Loss

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    Post 1995 BMW F650 Funduro Intermittent Power Loss

    Hi guys,

    I am new here. I have just had the pleasure of buying a 1995 F650 Funduro.

    It's a great bike but it's not been the most well cared for in it's life. So far it has a new battery, fluids, brakes, tyres etc.

    It runs fairly well most of the time. It idles a little high about 2000rpm when the engine is hot. Just this morning I was riding to work when I suddenly lost all power. I pulled over and the engine was still ticking over fine but I couldn't give it any revs.

    It lasted about 15sec before it jottled back to life. It was fine for the rest of my trip. I did notice that the previous owner has installed an external fuel filter between the two fuel hoses so perhaps this was restricting fuel flow? If this was the case however wouldn't it effect the idle speed as well and potentially stall the engine? Also had the thought that the high idle could be an air leak from the rubber carb manifolds.

    My other thought is I know from doing some research that the regulator can go bad. So perhaps I should try replacing it? It does feel a bit similar to an electrical issue I had on my 1992 K75. Where the ecu was making poor contact.

    Will do some work in the meantime. But any suggestions welcome.

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    Hi, welcome to the forum,
    put voltmeter across battery terminals, idle should show about 12.5-13 V, increasing revs should rise and max out about 14.2v see FAQ's for more detailed info. If more than 14.6v VR probably shot.
    make sure battery terminals tight, vibration loosens, causing many issues, cutting out, starts ok, stutters at revs etc
    check rubber carb manifolds, older ones perish, crack, with age let air in when flex, visual check squeezing rubber.
    jets get blocked, crud collects in float bowls, needle float valves wear, water in float bowls, also in tank, we'll know on these pre 2000 . Make sure fuel filter flows right way, obvious but many fitted wrong way.
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    fuel tank vent ?

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