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    i have recently bought a F650GS as a runaround, mainly to use in winter. i've owned a F650 carbed strada, a F800R, a R1100GS and a S1000RR (that's just the BMWs). i decided on a F650 as to be honest i wish i'd never sold the strada. my 78000 mile GS was v cheap, i bought it during lockdown, and i serviced it and fixed a few bits. i have always found BMWs to be incredibly well made - my 1100GS was massived overengineered. I did a compression check on my 'new' f650gs- I took the valve covers off after warming the bike, disabled the decompressor etc. despite 78,000 miles it was 180psi. not bad. the cams looked like new. the wiring loom has worn through by the preload adjuster bracket at some point and been fixed. this has the peculiar effect that to stop the bike I have to - hit kill switch. turn ignition key 'off' - (if you do nothing all the lights stay on for 45 secs, but you can't restart the bike). then press starter and this trips something and all the lights go out. I can take the ignition key out and the bike will still run! - but once it's stopped via the kill switch can't be restarted. anyway, it has done this for 2 months and always runs so I shall just put up with it. I replaced the load relay - made no difference. I might fit a second hand loom in the winter.

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    Thanks for the introduction, I am also new to this forum.

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