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    Default 2000 F650 - 1300 miles - UNKNOWN PRICE

    Hi all - please forgive this slightly odd post but hopefully you'll see my reasoning for saying that the price is unknown.

    A couple of years ago I took ownership of my father's midlife crisis - a silver F650 from 2000.

    X-reg, original design and super low mileage. It had sat in a shed for 15 years so I got various parts replaced and had it brought back to life, and it is now a lovely bike. It passed the MOT without any issues last month and currently has 2105km (1307 miles) on the clock.

    Despite my love for the bike I now want to move on to something else, so am looking to sell. The only issue being that a reasonable price is a bit of an unknown to me. I posted here a few years ago looking for an insurance valuation and the consensus was £2k-£3k. I also saw a similar bike with slightly more mileage for sale for £3250 on Bike Trader last year.

    So if anyone has any thoughts on what a reasonable value would be, or if anyone wants to make and offer, then I am all ears. It would be nice to get the right value but I'm also keen for it to go to a good home as I realise it's rare to find such an old bike in such good condition.

    Many thanks,

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