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    I just bought an Arrows titanium silencer for my '01 Dakar.

    The right hand silencer comes off easily but the left hand one which connects to the down pipe just will not budge. I've applied heat with a blowtorch around the clamp but the damn thing won't move.

    Any hints or tips?

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    Hi Shaunie,

    hehe fancy seeing you on here... it was my exhaust you bought :cheers:
    I am not sure why your pipe has stuck tight but have you tried yanking the connection tube ( the one that connects to the right hand side can)? The other thing is make sure the collar clamp has fully released. Mine was a bit stubborn so I had to pry it open witha a screwdriver. Apply WD40 liberally onto the connection points as well when fitting the Arrows.

    When you fit it I am sure you will be in for a WOW!!! its a beast of a pipe.

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy

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